The Directions Game

ISBN: 9788853643438

What is it?
The Directions Game is a fun board game that helps students to learn how to ask for and give directions.

Language Objectives
The game allows you to introduce or expand vocabulary related to directions and places of interest in a city. In addition, it stimulates logical reasoning and helps to perfect the use, knowledge and comprehension of the English language.

The game consists of a city map, 60 counters (15 departure counters; 15 arrival counters; 30 tokens),
132 cards divided into 70 “places of interest” cards (purple deck), 10 “position” cards (light blue deck), 10 “action” cards (red deck), 22 “itinerary” cards (orange deck), 20 “ask for directions” cards (blue deck).
The instruction booklet contains instructions and suggestions about the many ways to use this game either in the classroom or at home with friends.

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