UK (the Real) Your need-to-know guide

ISBN: 9781445142111

Is there somewhere you really want to travel to, or just yearn to know better? Do you want all the essential facts about the UK at your fingertips? If you want to know what it's really about (rather than the things your parents think you should see!), The Real UK is a great place to start. What's hot: UK highlights you really won't want to miss Take a walking tour of London - with a difference! Check out the UK's music scene, including the Glastonbury Festival and the music you should be listening out for Explore the mysterious standing stones and other spooky sites The best places to check out next year's fashions - today! Need-to-know information about internet access, mobile networks, dialling codes and more. Whether you are planning a trip or a holiday, just day-dreaming about one or simply need to know the facts, The Real UK is your essential guide. It is part of a series of books that help young people find out what a country is really about. Bogen kan bruges som guide for turister, men den er også nyttig som opslagsbog for elever.

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  • Emne:

    Guide til alt engelsk

  • Forfatter:

    Paul Mason

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  • Niveau:

    Fra 7. klasse

  • Serie:

    The Real

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