USA, The Bog Oxford Factfiles stage 3 non-fiction B1

ISBN: 9780194233910

Everybody knows about the United States of America. You can see its films, hear its music, and eat its food just about everywhere in the world. Cowboys, jazz, hamburgers, the Star and Stripes - that`s the United States. But it`s a country with many stories to tell. Stories of busy cities, and quiet, beautiful forests and parks. Stories of a country that fought against Britain, and then against itself, to make the United States of today. Stories of rich and poor, black and white, Native American and immigrant. And the story of what it is really like to be an American today. (10188 ord) Indeholder gloseliste samt læseopgaver til før, under og efter læsning. (21,5 X 13 cm).


1) In the beginning 2) The Pilgrim Fathers 3) The War of Independence 4) The Civil War 5) The Wild West 6) Native Americans 7) New Americans 8) Black Americans 9) The government of the USA 10) Living in the USA 11) Eating and drinking the American way 12) Music from America 13) Some great American cities 14) California 15) Beautiful places to visit 16) Hot and cold, big and small.

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    Alison Baxter

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    Oxford Bookworms Factfiles

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