Angela's Ashes Bog Scholastic Readers 3

ISBN: 9781904720447

"An unhappy childhood is bad enough. An unhappy Irish childhood is worse. But an unhappy Irish Catholic childhood is the worst of all." Limerick, 1934. It´s cold and it´s wet. Frank, his parents and three brothers have just come back home from America to start a new life in Ireland. But life in Limerick is even harder than life in 1930s´New York. Frank's father, Malachy, is from the North of Ireland and people say he has the "strange look". He loves his family, but he also likes to drink...Seen through a child's eyes, Angela's Ashes tells the true story of Frank's experiences with school, work, girls, death and the Catholic church. With fact Files on Angelas Ashes: the Film and the Irish Question. 


Fact File

Resource sheet and answers

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    Irland, fattigdom, humor

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    Frank McCourt

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    Scholastic Readers

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