Gandhi Bog Macmillan Biographies 4 A2/B1

ISBN: 9780230408388

Gandhi had an extraordinary power to make people follow him. He showed that non-violence was a great and strong force for change. Gandhi gave his life to help the people of India. He lived in love, peace and truth, and his beliefs still continue to change people's lives. Mohandas Gandhi was one of the most influencial leaders and civil rights campaigners that the world has ever known. This biography tells the story of Gandhi's life and achievements, from his policy of non-violent action that led India to independence from British control, to his work on poverty, expanding women's rights and the building of religious and ethnic unity. Indeholder foruden læseforståelsesopgaver, ordliste over indiske udtryk/ord og kort over Sydafrika og Indien samt fotos fra perioden.


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