Viking Tales bog med CD Macmillan Readers elementary fra 7.klasse A2 3 stk. tilbage

ISBN: 9780230460294

"I think I should go and fight some giants!" said Thor. Loki did not think it was a good idea, but he knew that when Thor decided something it was impossible to stop him. "Very well, then" he said. "But remember this, Thor, you need to be clever to fight giants. And you're not always very intelligent, are you?" Welcome to the exciting World of Thor and the other Viking gods. It is a World where humans and gods live side by side, along with angry giants and greedy dark elves. In these five short stories you will find out why it is very difficult to trap a giant wolf, Who stole Thor's hammer? Who can play tricks even better than Loki. And much much more.



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    Macmillan Education

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    Chris Rose

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    Bog med CD

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    Macmillan Readers

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