Picture Puzzle Bog Macmillan Readers beginner 6. klasse A1

ISBN: 9781405072489

On his way to college, Pete sees a pretty blonde girl in the shopping mall. The girl runs towards him and gives him a cassette of film. Then she runs away. She is frightened. Two men are running after her. One of the men is big and heavy. He is wearing a red shirt. Pete takes the cassette to a film developing shop. One hour later, he has the photographs. One picture shows two men. They are near a church. A man in a suit is giving a large brown envelope to another man. This other man is big and heavy and he is wearing a red shirt. Farveillustrationer.


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  • Udgiver:

    Macmillan Education

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  • Forfatter:

    John Escott

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    Macmillan Readers

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