Mandela and Truth and Reconciliation Days of Decision PB

ISBN: 9781406261592  


Mandela and Truth and Reconciliation. How did Nelson Mandela help to heal a divided nation by supporting South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission? What choices did he have, what support and advice did he receive, and how did his decisions affect history and his legacy? This book looks at a momentous event from recent times showing how one of the world's most charismatic leaders chose to follow a courageous and groundbreaking course of action. Kapitler: The first witness speaks out, Mandela: an activist against apartheid, Violent struggle, The tide turns, Negotiating democracy, Setting up the truth and reconciliation commission, The TRC gets to Work, Achievements, Mandela's legacy, Timeline, Notes on sources, Glossary, Find out more.

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    Nelson Mandelas betydning

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    Cath Senker

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    Fra 8. klasse

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    Days of Decision

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