International Relations Ethics of Politics

ISBN: 9781406240153

The relationships between countries can seem tricky and confusing at the best of times. They can be downright frightening when the times are not so good. Through a variety of case studies, this title explores the ways that countries relate to the rest of the world. It examines how countries deal with their enemies, how peace is made, and how diplomacy works in the modern world. It also explores how countries of the world work together to help in times of disaster and war through foreign and humanitarian aid efforts. The book also examines international organisations such as the UN, EU, NATO, OPEC, and NAFTA.

Kapitler: Politics and ethics, What are international relations, From individual states to global organizations, Conflict and peace, Rich and poor, Managing our crowded planet, Human rights, Culture and religion, New challenges and new solutions, Topics for discussion, Glossary, Notes on sources, Find out more.


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    Internationale relationer

  • Forfatter:

    Nick Hunter

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  • Niveau:

    Fra 9. klasse

  • Serie:

    Ethics of Politics

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