Wind in the Willows Penguin Kids Level 4 800 headwords

ISBN: 9781408288399

Mole is happy in his little house. So happy, he sings and plays outside. Then he meets Water Rat, and his new friend shows him many things: the river, boats and a gypsy caravan. That year, Mole and Rat make more new friends: Otter in the river, Toad at Toad Hall, Badger, and the Hedgehogs in the Wild Wood. But one day Mole starts to cry. "Rat! We're near my old home. I want to go there"! Can Rat help Mole find his way home?

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  • Emne:

    Klassisk eventyr

  • Forfatter:

    Retold by Coleen Kenneth Grahame

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  • Niveau:

    4. klasse

  • Serie:

    Penguin Kids

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