Pearl, The Lydbog Macmillan Readers 9. klasse 1 stk.tilbage

ISBN: 9780230031128

Bog med hele teksten indtalt på de medfølgende CDer. Kino and Juana are poor, and their difficulties are made worse when their baby son is bitten by a scorpion. When Kino finds a large pearl, they believe their prayers have been answered and that they will be able to buy medical help. But the pearl brings only greed and violence.


Opgaver til The Pearl

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  • Udgiver:

    Macmillan Education

  • Emne:


  • Forfatter:

    John steinbeck

  • Indholdstype:

    Bog med CD/lydbog

  • Niveau:


  • Serie:

    Macmillan Readers

  • Sider:


DKK 122,00ekskl.moms ( DKK 152,50inkl.moms )

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