Martin Luther King Bog Oxford Factfiles stage 3 non-fiction B1

ISBN: 9780194233934

The United States in the 1950s and 60s was a troubled place. Black people were angry, because they did not have the same rights as whites. It was a time of angry words, of marches, of protests, a time of bombs and killings. But above the angry noise came the voice of one man - a man of peace. "I have a dream", said Martin Luther King, and it was a dream of blacks and whites living together in peace and freedom. This is the story of an extraordinary man, who changed American history in his short life. (9871 ord). Indeholder gloseliste samt aktiviteter til før, under og efter læsning. (21,5 X 13 cm).


1) The man from Alabama 2) Growing up in the South 3) Slavery and the South 4) War in America - and after 5) Learning 6) The Montgomery bus boycott 7) Big trouble in Little Rock 8) A new start? 9) From Birmingham to Washington 10) 'This country is sick!' 11) 'I'm black and I'm proud!' 12) 'Black and white, unite and fight!' 13) Death in Memphis 14) Still dreaming.


Activity worksheet

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