Legalization of Drugs PB Hot Topics fra 8. klasse

ISBN: 9781406223897  

Is the so-called "war on drugs" winnable? Many people don't think so. After several decades of trying to end the illegal drug trade, people are still buying, selling, and using drugs, no matter what the health and legal consequences might be. Some think the best thing governments can do is to legalize the sale and distribution of drugs. But how could that help? Wouldn't more people just want to try them? Also, what are the issues with products offering "legal highs" and why do they come and go from the market so quickly? This book sheds light on this controversial topic and shares the arguments for and against the legalization of drugs. Indeholder desuden gloseliste samt links til yderligere informationer.

  • Udgiver:

    Raintree Publishers

  • Emne:

    faglitteratur på engelsk, lovliggørelse af stoffer

  • Forfatter:

    Mark Friedman

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  • Niveau:

    fra 8. klasse

  • Serie:

    Hot Topics

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