Vocabulary in practice 5 Intermediate til Upper-Intermediate øvebog med svar

ISBN: 9780521601252

40 units (ex. how do you feel, city life, housing problems, free time, at the doctor's, similies, food for thought etc.) of self-study vocabulary exercises with tests. Vocabulary in Practice 5 is a book for students who want to practice vocabulary in a fun way. Level 5 has about 600 useful words for intermediate to upper-intermediate students. Enjoyable exercises, quick to do, easy to carry, tests after every 10 units, with answers, vocabulary list with notes and help with pronunciation. A5 format.

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  • Udgiver:

    Cambridge University Press

  • Emne:

    Engelsk ordforråd

  • Forfatter:

    Glennis Pye

  • Indholdstype:


  • Niveau:

    Intermediate til upper-intermediate

  • Serie:

    Vocabulary in practice

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