Across the Barricades PB uforkortet engelsk livet i Belfast

ISBN: 9780141368917  

In Belfast, where not being home on time makes your family afraid for your life, the fear and suspicion between Catholics and Protestants is deep and violent.

When Sadie and Kevin, from opposing sides, fall in love they have problems placed in their way over which they can never have control. Kevin and Sadie just want to be together, but it´s not that simple. Things are bad in Belfsat. Soldiers walk the steets and the city is divided. No Catholic boy and Protestant girl can go out together - not without consequences. Klik på PDF ikonet og se et par sider fra bogen.

  • Udgiver:


  • Emne:

    Belfast, kærlighed, Konflikten mellem katolikker og protestanter

  • Forfatter:

    Joan Lingard

  • Indholdstype:

    Trykt materiale

  • Niveau:

    Fra 10. klasse

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