Angela's Ashes Bog med CD Scholastic Readers 3

ISBN: 9781905775330

På CDen er bogens tekst oplæst af Frank McCourt! "An unhappy childhood is bad enough. An unhappy Irish childhood is worse. But an unhappy Irish Catholic childhood is the worst of all." Limerick, 1934. Its cold and it's wet. Frank, his parents and three brothers have just come back home from America to start a new life in Ireland. But life in Limerick is even harder than life in 1930s´New York. Frank´'s father, Malachy, is from the North of Ireland and people say he has the "strange look". He loves his family, but he also likes to drink. Seen through a child's eyes, Angela's Ashes tells the true story of Frank's experiences with school, work, girls, death and the Catholic church. With fact Files on Angelas Ashes: the Film and the Irish Question. 


Fact File

Resource sheet and answers

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  • Emne:

    Irland, fattigdom, humor

  • Forfatter:

    Frank McCourt

  • Indholdstype:

    Bog med CD/lydbog

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  • Serie:

    Scholastic Readers

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