Globalisation and Trade Issues 226 emnehæfte fra 10. klasse 1 stk. tilbage

ISBN: 9781861686152U

Globalisation can be defined as the increasing interconnectedness between countries and economies, bringing the world closer together: It can bring many benefits, including improved transportation and communications technologies, as well as greater freedom of movement and capital. However, critics say that free trade has led to increased poverty in the developing world, where workers are often paid less than a living wage. This book looks at some of the issues.

Globalisation and Trade er en engelsk emnebog i serien Issues med masser af fakta, statistik og originale engelske tekster (Government reports, newspaper articles and features, Information from think-tanks, Magazine features and surveys, Website material, Literature from lobby groups and charitable organisations) velegnet til projektarbejde i engelsk. Globalisation and Trade er delt ind i 2 hovedafsnit: Globalisation og Global Trade med underafsnit som f.eks. Living in an interconnected world, What is the World Bank, Questions and answers on trade, What is Fair teade. Bagest er der key facts og gloseliste samt forslag til yderligere læsning om emnet. A4 format. NB! Photocopy licence: The material in this book is protected by copyright. However, the purchaser is free to make multiple copies of particular articles for instructional purposes for immediate use within the purchasing institution. Making copies of the entire book is not permitted. Normalpris kr. 89.

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    Lisa Firth (editor)

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    Fra 10. klasse

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