Climate Change bog Oxford Factfiles Stage 2 non-fiction A2/B1

ISBN: 9780194236317

It's a terrible problem - or it's really not as bad as people say. There will be sudden big changes - or slower changes that we can learn to live with. It means the end for many animals, people, even whole islands - but will this happen soon, or hundreds of years from now? What is the true story about climate change? Why is it happening, and what can we do about it? If we learn about the past, then perhaps there will be time to make changes for the future. 7151 ord. Indeholder gloseliste samt aktiviteter til før, under og efter læsning. (21,5 X 13 cm).


1) What is climate change?, 2) How does our climate work?, 3) Getting warmer, 4) Wetter - and drier, 5) Extreme weather, 6) Slow or sudden change?, 7) How bad will it get?, 8) Is it all bad?, 9) Carbon, 10) What are our governments doing?, 11) What can you do?

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