Billy Elliot Bog med CD Scholastic Readers 1 fra 6. klasse A1

ISBN: 9781904720355

Billy Elliot pakke indeholder bog + CD. Billy is 11 years old, and life isn't easy. His mum's dead. His dad and his brother are on strike and they've got no money. But Billy has a dream. He wants to be a dancer. Every week he goes to dance classes. He wants to audition for the Royal Ballet School. But how can he tell his family?...With Fact Files including The 1984 Miners' Strike and Let`s Dance! Find opgaver til denne udgave af Billy Elliot på Djeeo.


Resource sheet and answers

  • Udgiver:


  • Emne:

    Kultur, talent, England i 1980erne

  • Forfatter:

    Melvin Burgess

  • Indholdstype:

    Trykt materiale, CD

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  • Serie:

    Scholastic Readers

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