Mark of Zorro, The Lydbog Macmillan Readers elementary fra 7. klasse A2 2 stk. tilbage

ISBN: 9781405076999

A dashing romantic story set in California in the previous century. This classic adventure comedy founded a whole genre of its own. Short stories, feature films, highly popular television series and animated cartoons have resulted, all featuring the people`s hero with the flashing sword Zorro! Don Diego Vega is pressed by his father Don Alejandro Vega, to court the eligible daughter of one of the oldest noble families in California. Once rich and powerful, Don Carlos Pulido has become impoverished; unjustly accused of dishonesty by the tyrannical provincial governor who is oppressing the people of the region. Diego decides to test the character of his beautiful future bride, Señorita Lolita Pulido, by assuming a weak and disinterested demeanour. But meanwhile, disguised as a masked bandit, he leads an uprising of the local people. Sort/hvide illustrationer og bagest tilhørende aktiviter. De medfølgende cd`er har en samlet varighed på 92 min. Amerikansk engelsk.


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  • Udgiver:

    Macmillan Education

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  • Forfatter:

    Johnston McCulley

  • Indholdstype:

    Bog med CD/lydbog

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  • Serie:

    Macmillan Readers

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