Bridget Jones The Edge of Reason Lydbog Macmillan Readers 9. klasse 1 stk. tilbage

ISBN: 9780230400238

'Over there,' said Una. I looked over and saw Mark, dressed in a dark blue overcoat, getting out of a taxi. Then I saw a figure getting out of the back. She was tall and slim, with long blonde hair, and she was laughing up into Mark's face. It was Rebecca. It's a new year and Bridget has a boyfriend at last, the handsome and successful lawyer, Mark Darcy! But soon the beautiful Rebecca tries to steal Mark away. Unhappy and confused, Bridget decides to go on holiday to Thailand with her friend Shazzer. There Bridget's problems only gets worse. Indeholder læseforståelsesopgaver og multiple-choice spørgsmål, ordliste samt information om forfatteren, historien og mennesker nævnt i historien. De to medfølgende CDer (2 t. 33 min.) indeholder hele Bridget Jones bogens tekst indtalt.



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  • Udgiver:

    Macmillan Education

  • Emne:


  • Forfatter:

    Helen Fielding

  • Indholdstype:

    Bog med CD/lydbog

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  • Serie:

    Macmillan Readers

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