Final Chapters Library of Doom Pack A 4 titler engelsk gys fra 6. klasse

ISBN: 9781406294552

De 4 titler er: Death sentence, The lost page, The spine tingler, Tome raider. These are the last days of the Library of Doom. The forces of villainy are freeing the Library's most dangerous books. Only one thing can stop Evil from penning history's final chapter . . . the League of Librarians, a mysterious collection of heroes who only appear when the Library faces its greatest threat. Complete with non-fiction back matter, including discussion questions, writing prompts, and glossaries, these mysteries are as educational as they are enthralling.

  • Udgiver:

    Raintree Publishers

  • Emne:


  • Forfatter:

    Michael Dahl

  • Indholdstype:


  • Niveau:

    Fra 6. klasse

  • Serie:

    Library of Doom

  • Sider:


DKK 229,00ekskl.moms ( DKK 286,25inkl.moms )

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