Great Crimes Bog Oxford Factfiles stage 4 non-fiction B1/B2

ISBN: 9780194233941

is more than forty years since the Great Train Robbery. Some of the robbers are dead, and only one - Ronnie Biggs - is still in prison. But there is still one thing that the police would like to know: What happened to the rest of the money that was taken? Two million pounds has never been found. Perhaps some of the robbers would like to know the answer to this question too... Many great crimes end in a question. Who really killed President Kennedy? What happened to Shergar? Who knows the truth about Azaria Chamberlain? Not all the answers are known. Join the world's detectives and discover the love, death, hate, money and mystery held in the stories of great crimes. (15747 ord) Indeholder gloseliste samt aktiviteter til før, under og efter læsning. (21,5 X 13 cm).


1) Dr Crippen 2) The Mona Lisa - lost and found 3) The Lindbergh kidnapping 4) The Great Train Robbery 5) The Kennedy assassination 6) Patty Hearst 7) Azaria Chamberlain 8) Shergar 9) Bonnie and Clyde 10) Nick Leeson 11) Charles Ponzi and Elmyr Hory.

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