Recycling Bog Oxford Factfiles stage 3 non-fiction B1

ISBN: 9780194233897

What will we do when there is nowhere to put our rubbish? Every day, all over the world, people drop cans, boxes, paper, and bottles into bins and never think about them again. And the rubbish mountains get bigger and bigger. But there is another way - a way that makes old paper into houses, broken bottles into jewellery, and old cans into bridges. Anyone can recycle - it`s easy, it saves money, and it`s a way to say "I care about the Earth". Saving the world starts with you - here and now. 10098 ord. Indeholder gloseliste samt aktiviteter til før, under og efter læsning. (21,5 X 13 cm).


1) The rubbish problem 2) 5000 years of rubbish and recycling 3) Our throwaway world 4) Glass and paper 5) Metal and plastic 6) Other problems 7) Paper houses and Everets bells 8) Recycling around the world 9) What can you do? 10) The future.

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