New York lydbog Oxford Factfiles stage 1 non-fiction A1/A2

ISBN: 9780194235822

What can you do in New York? Everything! You can go to some of the world`s most famous shops, watch a baseball game, go to the top of a skyscraper, see a concert in Central Park, eat a sandwich in a New York deli, see a show in a Broadway theatre. New York is big, noisy, and exciting, and it`s waiting for you. Open the book and come with us to this wonderful city. 4640 ord. Den medfølgende CD indeholder hele bogens tekst indtalt.


1) The Big Apple 2) In the beginning 3) Visiting the city 4) Around Manhattan 5) Great buildings 6) Museums and galleries 7) Shopping and eating 8) Nights out in the city 9) Outside Manhattan 10) From baseball to tennis 11) We love a parade!

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  • Udgiver:

    Oxford University Press

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    Engelsk emnebog

  • Forfatter:

    John Escott

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    Bog med CD/lydbog

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    Oxford Bookworms Factfiles

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