Pakke med 25 bøger med CD 5.-7. klasse


Pakken indeholder 25 lydbøger fra diverse forlag: Maisie and the Dolphin, , Tinker's Island, Battle of Newton Road, Lisa in London, Marcel Goes to Hollywood, Lucky Break , Billy and the QueenBabe the Sheep Pig, Lady in the Lake, Jungle Book, Lucky Number, The Umbrella, The Well, The House on the Hill, Jane Eyre, Rich Man Poor Man, Room 13 and other ghost stories, L. A. Winners, White Fang, Billy ElliotBlog Love, Spooky SkatersHotel Dogs, Night at the Museum, Muhammad Ali.

 Normalpris 2160 kr. 25% rabat.

  • Emne:


  • Indholdstype:

    25 bøger med CD/lydbøger

  • Niveau:

    5.7. klasse

DKK 1.620,00ekskl.moms ( DKK 2.025,00inkl.moms )

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